umbrella premium dark blue
  • umbrella premium dark blue
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Choose from different colors of folding umbrella s, there is sure to be one that matches the look of your company. Price includes 1 color imprint.

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Mentioned prices include 1 color imprint on the product and include set-up costs.

Choose from different colors of folding umbrellas, there is sure to be one that matches the look of your company. If you choose an umbrella, you have a high-quality promotional gift in your hands. Your relationship will love getting an umbrella with your company name, logo or slogan on it. That is why umbrellas have always been popular as a promotional gift.

Umbrellas are an excellent promotional tool if you are going to trade shows, open days and events in the fall. We believe that printing an umbrella to put your business in the spotlight is very effective and simple. Other seasons are also perfect for this gift. How about a summer event with Dutch showers? Of course it offers extra protection against rain, but it is also ideal as protection against the sun.

For example, hand out folding umbrellas during (outdoor) events or give umbrellas as a gift to your traveling relations. With a printed umbrella you can experience many giving moments. An umbrella with a logo shows your company everywhere on the street. Or, for example, along the sidelines at football or hockey.

When you own a business or work as a freelancer, it is a good idea to regularly express your gratitude and appreciation for a good business relationship. They will appreciate your gesture, and of course they will be happy to receive something. How wonderful to be able to give it as a gift to your employees, members or customers. Wouldn't it be nice if that person is reminded of your company and/or that it comes from you. In addition, he or she also advertises for you. Nice to give and nice to receive.

Did you know that a printed promotional gift such as an umbrella can ensure that your relationship takes your company into account more often? Create lasting memories with a fun and functional umbrella. Umbrellas are among the more luxurious promotional gifts. So even when it rains, they are ideal for putting your relationship in the spotlight. After a pleasant cooperation, as a thank you or to congratulate someone. From now on, your relations will remain dry under your umbrella!

Have a sustainable umbrella printed by ID Produkten! Because our printed umbrellas can last for years. Printing is relatively cheap and very effective. Umbrellas are a useful and handy promotional gift.

Would you like to know more before ordering or do you have questions about printing umbrellas? Our employees are happy to give you personal advice.

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