chewing gum consumption tokens recycled chewing gum
  • chewing gum consumption tokens recycled chewing gum
  • Tokens coins consumption of recycled chewing gum
  • chewing gum tokens
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These tokens are made from recycled chewing gum including embossed with your own logo in the color pink in different sizes

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With festivalcoins we want to contribute to solving the chewing gum pollution problem. That is why the manufacturer has developed a chewing gum coin/token. These consumption tokens can be provided with your own logo or design on one or both sides, available in the color pink in different sizes. Thanks to the engraving, your logo will be embossed on the coin in the same color as the coin and even designs with small details are clearly legible. In addition, the tokens are provided with a border for user comfort.

While almost everyone loves sticky, sweet gum, it is one of the biggest polluters out there. It can be found everywhere from airports to schools and is very difficult to remove. In addition, it can take up to 25 years to completely disappear.

For these reasons, the manufacturer of this token has teamed up with a British company to collect and recycle used chewing gum. During the recycling process, the used chewing gum is first washed and then melted at a high temperature to make granulate. The material is processed in combination with production waste from the chewing gum industry at a temperature of more than 200°C into beautiful, pink and personalized coins. Thanks to both the recycling and injection molding process, we always guarantee clean, safe and hygienic chewing gum coins/tokens.

Personalized consumption tokens are an excellent alternative to traditional means of payment such as paper drink coupons. They offer numerous benefits, including environmental friendliness through reuse, fraud resistance and more efficient payments.

Reusable coins ensure that less waste is generated than with paper drink coupons. They are also more beneficial in the long run. Personalized coins are also fraud-resistant, reducing the risk of counterfeiting or fraud.

Plastic payment tokens enable faster payment and process more efficiently than cash. Moreover, personalized plastic consumption tokens are an excellent promotional and marketing tool, because they give extra attention to sponsors, logos and brands.

Furthermore, tokens are often taken as a souvenir or collector's item, and experience shows that 1/8 of the coins sold are not returned for consumption. As a result, the purchase price of the coins is quickly recouped.

Plastic tokens are the perfect means of payment, but they can also be used as business cards, vouchers, locker tokens, and much more. The possibilities are unlimited.

NB! Since we work with recycled material, a color difference may occur in the base material. Because of this, the gum coins may differ slightly in color.

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