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coins ECO-TOKENS™, are biodegradable consumption tokens. These eco-friendly coins are made from a bioplastic engraved ECO-TOKENS™ are fully recyclable.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship is nowadays an important aspect of a company's policy. ECO-TOKENS™, are biodegradable consumption tokens.

These eco-friendly tokens are made from a bioplastic based on starch. This starch is obtained from potato peelings from the potato processing industry. In other words, the coins are made from natural and renewable raw materials. The ECO-TOKENS™ are 100% biodegradable in nature.

When the ECO-TOKENS™ end up in nature and are exposed to air, moisture, sunlight and bacteria for several months, they will completely break down. The tokens are then reduced to CO2, water and biomass, or natural fertilizers for plants. If one of these four conditions is missing, the tokens will not decay. Please note: to maintain the ecological tokens, it is recommended to clean them with a slightly damp cloth. Due to their degradable properties, contact with water and detergent is expressly discouraged.

The material used for ECO-TOKENS™ meets European standards for biodegradation (EN13432). In addition, this biodegradable coin is patented.

The advice is to choose engraved ECO-TOKENS™ and not printed ecological coins. This is because the use of inks is less environmentally friendly. The design will be embossed on the coins in the same color as the coin. The text or logo will be clearly legible and tangible on the coins. The ECO-TOKENS™ have a border.

Advantages of engraved ECO-TOKENS™

The ECO-TOKEN™ is more brittle than plastic coins, which ensures that the coins degrade faster in nature.

Your logo, company name or website on engraved ECO-TOKENS™ ensures a personalized look and good name recognition. Sponsors, logos or brands get a lot of attention with engraved biodegradable coins. ECO-TOKENS™ also ensure an environmentally friendly reputation for your organization or event.

Engraved ECO-TOKENS™ are durable and can be used for years. Store the biodegradable coins in a dry, dark place.

Engraved ECO-TOKENS™ are fully recyclable

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