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There are a number of things you need to organize a festival , our offer is aimed at the smooth running of your festival.

The purpose of a festival can vary depending on the type of festival, but in general the purpose of a festival is to bring people together to enjoy music, arts, culture and recreation. In general, the purpose of a festival is to create a unique and unforgettable experience for the visitors and to allow them to enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment. We have effective products in our range to ensure a smooth visit to your festival.

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RECYCLED satin wristbands and reusable wooden buckle with full color graphic and logo in detail across the width of the wristband.

Vanaf €0.84
Vanaf €0.84 Excluded VAT

These tokens are made from recycled chewing gum including embossed with your own logo in the color pink in different sizes

Vanaf €0.10
Vanaf €0.10 Excluded VAT
€0.10 Included VAT

coins ECO-TOKENS™, are biodegradable consumption tokens. These eco-friendly coins are made from a bioplastic engraved ECO-TOKENS™ are fully recyclable.

Vanaf €0.10
Vanaf €0.10 Excluded VAT
€0.10 Included VAT

Eco Festival breakablecoins sustainable and responsible. Eco Festival Coins are ideal for outdoor events. Causes less damage in nature.

Vanaf €0.02
Vanaf €0.02 Excluded VAT

Waspstop is a protective overlay for a can of beer, cola or other beverage. Protection against the penetration of insects into the drinking can.

Vanaf €0.25
Vanaf €0.25 Excluded VAT
€0.25 Included VAT

What makes this hinged tin really special are the approx. 10 gr. extra strong triangle peppermints inside. Printed with your logo on the tin.

Vanaf €0.82
Vanaf €0.82 Excluded VAT
€0.82 Included VAT

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