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Hand in chocolate with the thumbs up, in hand-scooped and finest smooth milk chocolate. In a shiny bag with a white satin bow your text/logo on the card.

Vanaf €1.94
Vanaf €1.94 Excluded VAT
€1.94 Included VAT

A SaintNicholas milk chocolate letter weighs 200 grams and comes with a personal marzipan shield and contains the company logo.

Vanaf €4.34
Vanaf €4.34 Excluded VAT
€4.34 Included VAT

Pocket diary Modus XL 2023 two pages a week inside is in English, German, Italian and French language. Provided with your logo on the outside.

Vanaf €3.68
Vanaf €3.68 Excluded VAT
€3.68 Included VAT

Wooden folding rule made from selected beech wood with internally hardened spring steel joints for wear-resistant and durable functionality. 

€2.39 Excluded VAT

RECYCLED satin wristbands and reusable wooden buckle with full color graphic and logo in detail across the width of the wristband.

Vanaf €0.84
Vanaf €0.84 Excluded VAT

Fleecejackets men that you can use as an in-between jacket. We can provide the fleece jackets with an embroidered company logo.

Vanaf €15.75
Vanaf €15.75 Excluded VAT

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