ID Produkten is a full-service business gifts, promotional items importer and wholesaler and our mission focuses on sustainability and recycling. Our company supplies sustainable and recyclable products to the business community in the Netherlands (B2B). By giving sustainable promotional gifts, it is easy to deal with the theme and mission of sustainability within the company in a good way and the waste mountain can be reduced.

Promotional gifts are often used on occasions such as the opening of new branches, anniversaries, fairs or as a Christmas present. Companies often opt for promotional gifts with their own logo or name on them in order to increase brand awareness. Giving promotional gifts can also contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

At ID Products you do not have to worry about whether a product is sustainable or can be recycled, because we have already sorted this out for you. Our company strives to provide sustainable and recyclable products to the business community. This way you, as a company, can deal with the theme of sustainability within your organization in an easy and good way.

In short, do you want to give sustainable and recyclable business gifts and promotional items as a company? Then ID Products is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of sustainable products suitable for every industry and occasion.


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