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An overview of all available promotional gifts with or without imprint, for all promotional purposes. For all occasions and in every price range. We have products in our range for printed promotional items and promotional items for many different purposes.

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bag made of sturdy 150grams/m2 cotton, in a simple shape without bottom and sides, this classic tote bag is available in many different colors to select

Vanaf €2.52
Vanaf €2.52 Excluded VAT
€2.52 Included VAT

Hand in chocolate with the thumbs up, in hand-scooped and finest smooth milk chocolate. In a shiny bag with a white satin bow your text/logo on the card.

Vanaf €1.94
Vanaf €1.94 Excluded VAT
€1.94 Included VAT

A SaintNicholas milk chocolate letter weighs 200 grams and comes with a personal marzipan shield and contains the company logo.

Vanaf €4.34
Vanaf €4.34 Excluded VAT
€4.34 Included VAT

Patience games with imprint, puzzle imprint area is 3 cm x 3 cm.

Vanaf €0.73
Vanaf €0.73 Excluded VAT
€0.73 Included VAT

Wooden folding rule made from selected beech wood with internally hardened spring steel joints for wear-resistant and durable functionality. 

€2.39 Excluded VAT

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